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CANCELLED - Copenhagen Queer Festival 2016

Unfortunately, Copenhagen queer festival will not be happening in 2016.


We think of QUEER as:

Questioning norms within society, including our own communities. Not just another identity, but a way of thinking (and performing) that constantly questions norms, power and hierarchies.

Reflecting on power structures and privileges. Privileges are everywhere. Mind yours! To be able to break norms is also a privilege. Consider how much space you take and how you give space to others.

Fighting oppressing structures and mechanisms in society related to gender, sexuality, race, class, ability, relationship and the dynamics between them. We want to challenge the established capitalist cis-heteronormative society and its sexism, racism, ableism, trans*phobia, biphobia, homophobia and other oppressive norms, and create a space for building new dreams, relations and alliances.

Copenhagen Queer Festival seeks to link the different communities and groups within the queer inspired environment. Politics, art, academia and social relations will come together in a week of workshops, discussions, performances, actions and parties. The festival aims to create a diverse space and tie the existing queer inspired initiatives and groups in Copenhagen together and establish international bonds.

By day we have workshops and discussions in the queer festival space. By night we have performances, events and parties in other venues hosted by some of the existing queer groups in Copenhagen.

There is a daily schedule with daytime activities and an evening schedule that will be announced in advance. The organising group that has made this schedule will be visible during the festival, so that we can all be able to elaborate on it if needed.

By collaborating with existing queer inspired groups, making it possible to contribute online before the festival and being open to new solutions, we hope to have made a structure that feels safe and still encourages people to get involved in our space. We strongly encourage DIY initiatives throughout the festival.

Safer space
No space can be 100% safe. We still seek to create a safer queer-feminist space free from oppression and discrimination. By communicating as honest and clear as possible, we want everybody to be able to make safer separatist spaces within our space if needed. Respect each other's boundaries and needs to create new and possibly separatist spaces.

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Queer Festival 2016!

Here we go again! A fresh group of people have started organising a queer festival for 2016.

Please note: this website is currently only updated with new date information.

... When we get closer to the time, we will give a call out for people who want to be part of the conflict resolution group, create/plan/organise workshops, be an awesome janitor, help in the kitchen, or anything else. We will provide all the relevant information for you to contact us and let us know!

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Safer Spaces policy workshop

The festival is intended to be a temporary autonomous community in which we can both learn and challenge pre existing ideas of social relationships. The festival is d.i.y. (do it your self) this means all the decisions made during the festival are made by the people coming to the festival. This includes decisions affecting how we make this a safe space for people participating. Because of this we have decided to hold a meeting to discus how to make a safer space that is inclusive but also challenging to social normitivity. We realize that we can not promise a completely safe space, but we can try to build a safer space. At this meeting we will...

Welcome to CPH Queer Festival

With the Copenhagen Queer Festival we wish to create a queer space. But what is queer? How do we define it, use it, make it part of our lives? How do you define 'queer' in relation to 'non-queer'? These are just some of the questions we want to work on understanding during the festival. We wish to create a forum where people from all over the world can exchange impressions, viewpoints and ideas. Where we can play, learn, teach, move our boundaries and go places we didn't know existed.

The festival is strictly D.I.Y. meaning that YOU as a participant must take an active part in making the festival successful. A few things have been planned in advance by the organizing group, but otherwise it is up to the participants to decide in unity how they want the festival to proceed. It is expected that everyone help out as much as they can to ensure that the festival will be a fun and enlightening experience for all. Non-profit is another keyword for the festival. We wish to create a space which is not based on money, as we find this is the case in society today. The festival is open to all, whether or not they have money.

Hope to see you in Copenhagen.

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