Copenhagen queerfestival 23-29 july 2012

Get involved

There are many ways to get involved in the Queer Festival. Much of what goes on at the festival will be DIY, so what you'll find here is not an exclusive list, but just some ideas we've come up with for things that will almost certainly be needed.
There will be many ways to take part once the festival has started. What you'll find here are mostly ways to get involved ahead of time, or things that will need someone to take on a co-ordinating role.

Conflict resolution

For many years there has been a conflict resolution group to help mediate and resolve conflicts and interpersonal issues that might arise during the festival. If you're interested in being a part of this group, get in touch at


People to act as janitors will be a help during the festival to be responsible for general housekeeping, and to help people find their way around. If you've been to the Queer Festival before, you might already have an idea what's involved, but typical jobs might be things like co-ordinating the morning meeting, opening and locking up in the morning and at night, and generally knowing where stuff is. If you think you'd like to be involved, you can get in contact at


Workshops at the Queerfestival are DIY, so it's made what it is by the people who take part.

Send an email to In the email please write the following about your acitivity.

*Title of the activity

*What type of activity is it? (discussion, workshop, performance etc)

*Description of activity (5 lines about your activity, to put in the programme)

*Time needed for the activity

*Do you have a preferred day and/or time slot? Activities will be held from Tuesday to Saturday. 12.00-14.30, 15.30-18.00 and 20.00-23.00

*In what language(s) will the workshop be held?

* Is it a separatistic activity? And for who?

*Do you need any special equipment (projector, sound system etc.)?

You can also take a look at the Wishlist to see what others have suggested and see if there's anything there that you're willing and able to do.


Do you want to put on a performance? There will be space for all kinds of performance during the festival from music, theatre, poetry, comedy, spoken word, circus art, magic, dance; whatever you can think of! Send an email to


There'll be the opportunity to sign up to help cook once the festival has started. If you know already that you'd like to be responsible for one or more meals during the festival, please let us know at


On the nights that the bar is open, it will help to have people available to support those working on the bar by taking away cash, bringing change, and generally helping bar volunteers find their way around . If you would like to get involved, please let us know at


Having cars and drivers before and during the festival to help set up and run errands in town would be a big help, so if you've got a car or a driver's license and feel like doing some driving, please let us know at, or simply tell the Janitors when arriving.


We're going to need all kinds of materials during the festival, both for decoration and practical needs. Clothes and accessories for the dress-up space as well as decoration specially for the sex space are also very welcome, particularly makeup and larger-sized shoes (43+).


Helping promote the festival by putting up posters, giving out flyers, spreading the word, or in any other ways, will always need doing. Get in contact for more information at, or just DIY!


Want to help translate text for the website, or be available to help translate during the festival? Get in touch at, you guessed it, at

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