Copenhagen queerfestival 20-26 july 2015

Program from 2015


During the day we will have workshops and discussions at the Queer Festival, Kapelvej 44. During the evening/night we will have performances, events and parties that will mostly take place in other venues and involving existing queer inspired groups in Copenhagen.

Every day at dinner we will have a short information meeting. At the meeting we will present the schedule for the next day and practical information.

This year's festival is even more DIY/DIT than previous years, meaning that we will provide a space and a rough framework for events, but you are responsible for creating your own festival experience. This page will be updated as we get closer to the festival, but we will be compiling a list of all the events happening around Copenhagen while the Queer Festival is on. This might be events or film showings or exhibitions, but we will provide the information you need to make your week in Copenhagen the way you want it. If you have an event you want to see on this page, please send an email to us with the info.

Daily programme - rough time schedule

09:00 - 11:00 Breakfast

11:00 - 13:00 Workshops

13:00 - 14:00 Lunch

14:00 - 15:00 Daily Meeting

15:00 - 16:00 Siesta time

16:00 - 19:00 Workshops

19:00 - 20:30 Dinner

20:30 - ... evening program

More information about the evening events will be available at the festival.

Workshops and Schedule

The programme below is not a definitive list of all the events and workshops happening during the Queer Festival. We have space for at least 3 workshops every morning/afternoon slot, and here is a selection of some of the exciting unscheduled things we will have on during the week:

- Queer/trans movement history in Poland

- Trans-femme separatist space

- Sex work in the queer community

- What happened to Queertopia?

- Art as activism

- Queers in Social Media

- Qigong

- Mental health in the queer community

- Sound workshop w/ Warehouse 9

- Self defense (low contact)

- Soundscape

Below we have scheduled events for each day, and during the festival you will have the opportunity to add your own workshops to the programme.

20.07 monday


welcome to the festival - drink coffee, relax, get acquainted with the space and enjoy a cup of tea or coffee. hear about how to get around Copenhagen and what's not to be missed.


bike workshop - bring your bike in need of a tune-up or dare to fix one up! handy bike mechanics will be available.

19.00 security coordination meeting


history of queer performance - miss fish, of warehouse 9, tells us about queers on the stage and gives a brief introduction to the performance night planning meeting on tuesday.

21.07 tuesday


chill out and get to know people


queers to the front page - (workshop is in danish, but will be translated into english) vil du gerne ha' en bestemt sag i medierne, saa kom til den her workshop og laer, hvordan man arbejder med pressen. skriv gode blogs, laeserbreve og artikler. vaer god til at give interviews. haandter journalisterne rigtigt. workshoppen er kun for folk, der er interesserede i at arbejde med medierne, men det er ingen hindring, hvis du er genert, nybegynder eller gerne vil forblive anonym.

knit a pussy* - during this workshop you will be taught some basic knitting skills. by the end, we will all have knitted a little fantastic colourful pussy and you will be able to knit yourself a scarf at home for next winter. there is yarn in a lot of different colours and pearls for the clit, but if you have any special materials you want to use: bring it! also bring your own knitting needles (best 3-4 mm)!

performance night planning meeting at warehouse 9 - do you want to help make the performance night happen? fancy learning about light and sound engineering? come and see how you can get involved!

play group


kick-off concert with snotty nosed brat - prepare to dance! feminist crossover heavy on the bass.

* donation, or bring your own supplies

22.07 wednesday


self defense

issues of inclusion, visibility and sex for disabled people in queer communities - this is a group discussion aimed primarily at people with disabilities and their loved ones. some of the questions I would like to address are: what do functionality norms within lgbtqi communities look like, and how do they affect our sexual relationships and our ability to participate within those communities? how does visibility as a person with a different functionality interact with visibility as an lgbtqi person?

play time - non competitive physical games to warm up and get moving


consent and boundaries for men who have sex with men*! - this is a discussion among self-identified msm's (men who have sex with men) about consent and boundaries in sexual encounters and relationships. this is a topic is sorely lacking within the gay communities in which I move, and I would like to create a (separatist) space for MSM's to talk about experiences, strategies, etc.

femmes 2 da front - we shall discuss invisibility, what makes us (feel) femme, why we love ourselves, why we hate those who deny our identities and lots more. this workshop is not separatist and nobody but you decides whether you feel femme or not!

organising and planning a demo for thursday's walk to warehouse 9.


queer post porno movie night - "shave me, mirror me" and "a.c.a.b."

a.c.a.b. (all cats are bitches) - in a context of misogyny and cisheteronormativity, a.c.a.b. is born of a strong passionate outburst of femme (femme as a gender expression beyond genitals and essentialism), the desire to change competition to affinity, envy to passion, rejection to desire and what better way to do that than to fuck amongst ourselves? 18 minutes of femme-inist thought and action! shown at La muestra marrana 6 [2014-barcelona] muestra marrana 6 [2014-madrid] muestra marrana [2014-Tijuana]

vegan bake off

*! separatist

23.07 thursday


recycled crafts* - life long enthusiasm for making things meets new found desire to save the world, one piece of recyclable rubbish at a time. come and learn how to make a simple drinks can into a tealight holder, or an ashtray, depending on your fire of choice. also some classic tetra-pak wallet creating because who doesn't enjoy that.

sex works caucus

qigong (tai chi qigong)

social media

writing workshop


queer and mental health

bi invisibility and biphobia in queer spaces*! (*! for non monosexual, bi, poly, pan, omni, etc.)


queer edge - substance use in queer spaces

queer family planning

amab/afab discussion - where are the male assigned transgender people?


performance night @ Warehouse 9

around Copenhagen

MIX Copenhagen LGBT Film Festival Open Air @ Oerstedsparken (free) - desert hearts

* donation, or bring your own supplies

*! separatist

24.07 friday


dance/body expression - a space for each and everyone to open and explore their own expression, not to teach moves to copy or anything like that. it will start with a warm up to enter softly into our physicality, get in touch with our own body and movement. then there will propositions with more exploration, interaction or improvisation and the frame will open to find more freedom.

cryptoware party - make smartphone use safer.

testosterone - a workshop about testosterone therapy of transpeople, physical effects, practical info, side effects and effects, and a short presentation of the medical research within the area. the first half of the workshop is for everyone, and the second half is separatistic for people who think about taking testosterone/are taking testosterone/have been taking testosterone.

estrogen - the importance of finding the right dose for you.


strap on harness making workshop (limited spaces, sign up at venue)*

lgbt asyl runs 'lgbtq persons in the danish asylum system' - lgbt asylum has collected lgbtq asylum seekers' experiences with the danish asylum system through almost three years. members of lgbt asylum will share experiences about how the system handles lgbtq cases and about how it is to live as a lgbtq asylum seeker in denmark.

lgbt asyl runs 'asylum seekers in the danish lgbtq community' - how does the danish lgbtq community meet asylum seekers? members of lgbt asylum will share experiences as being an asylum seeker in the lgbtq community.

porn showings - get ready to get your freak on!


speed "dating" - get to know the people you're spending your festival around. it'll be casual and fun.

sex party

around Copenhagen

MIX Copenhagen LGBT Film Festival Open Air @ Oerstedsparken (free) - something must break

THROWback *Love Party* @ Jolene Bar (free)

* donation and/or bring your own supplies

25.07 saturday


brunch - hungover or not, we are slowing down saturday morning to a lazy speed so we can enjoy eating all the things we like eating, while spending time with friends, old and new.

binder-yoga - practical workshop about how to take care of your back while using a binder. we will do selfinvented binder-yoga exercises, share advice and relax.


hair positive swimming and picnic - have you ever wanted to go swimming without feeling self conscious about body hair? would having a huge group of hair positive queers around you help? now is your chance. also picnic.


glitter preparation - before we head to bumzen for the all-nighter, we probably need some sparkle. glitz it up and get in the party spirit with, you guessed it: glitter!

Party @ Bumzen

around Copenhagen

MIX Copenhagen LGBT Film Festival Open Air @ Oerstedsparken (free) - studio 54 (director's cut)

POPism @ KB18 (60kr)

26.07 sunday

clean up after the festival

what's on - to be confirmed

around copenhagen all week

art and museums

- ny carlsberg glyptotek - tuesday free entrance

- statens museum for kunst - always free

day trips outside Copenhagen

- klampenborg deer park and beach

- the harbour baths

parks and gardens

- assistens kirkegaard

- mimers park

a figure